About Shed No More

PetLabs360 Shed No More supplement contains mostly fatty acids that help in reducing our pets’ shedding and giving them healthier fur. Displaying comfort and stress free shedding will absolutely get them healthier and active. It also has vitamins A, D3 and E to better enhance immunity and promote good eyesight.

Shed No More plus Hairball Control for cats prevents the growth of hairballs and has anti-oxidants and some special blend of natural oils that helps in preventing excessive shedding. It comes with fish flavored sprinkles to give our cats with a tasty treat.

Shed No More for dogs has the 8 essential vitamins and minerals that help them restore their coats and reduce their shedding in an unnatural way. It comes with all tasty flavors that your dogs will surely enjoy like Beef and Cheese, Peanut butter and Liver and also comes in Beef and Cheese chewable tablets.

With the use of PetLabs360’s Shed No More, your cats and dogs will enjoy playing outdoors without the pain of scratching their coats every now and then.

Virtually all dogs shed. Some breeds will tend to shed more than others. Outdoor dogs in many cases will grow a heavy winter coat, which they then shed in the spring and summer, whereas indoor dogs tend to shed year round. Some dogs will more noticeably show signs of shedding while others such as poodles or terriers coat’s can become matted and tangled.

Shedding is normal. It is triggered by hormones many times responding to exposure to sunlight and climactic changes. Shedding can also be caused by a lack of adequate diet and care. Excessive shedding can be unhealthy, cause pain & discomfort and lead to skin and health problems. Broken or damaged hair can lead to even more shedding. PetLabs 360’s Shed No More along with the adequate grooming and daily care routine will provide you and your pet the relief you need from non-seasonal and unnatural shedding.